Tuesday, 06 December 2022
The cafe that charges 6p a minute

The cafe that charges 6p a minute

With cafés being the new trend of meet up places, one would think that a café with free food and drink would be nothing but a fantasy.

But guess what? Its not a fantasy altogether as proved by a café in Manchester, UK.

Café Ziferblat, the pay-as-you-stay café with branches in both Manchester and Liverpool, is now becoming profitable despite operating on a new business model.

Customers can check in like hotel guests, registering their time of arrival. Afterwards, they are free to have as much food and drink as they like - and are charged 6p every minute.

During this time customers are also able to make use of the high-speed Wi-Fi which the venue offers.

Speaking to BBC News, owner of the café - Colin Shenton says Ziferblat is a Russian word, which means "clock face".

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