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Hotel to be built near Muray Falls, Sri Pada (google maps)

Hotel to be built near Muray Falls, Sri Pada (google maps) Featured

A tourist hotel said to be under construction in the Sri Pada forest reserve has been a hot topic especially in the social media.

Searched on google maps, it is revealed the hotel is to come up on a privately-owned land near Muray Falls, about six km away from Sri Pada Maluwa, Neth News reports.

There have been reports that ex-minister Basil Rajapaksa was linked to the hotel project, but speaking to Sri Lanka Mirror, he stressed that he had nothing to do with it.

Faizer Mustafa’s connection

FaizerMustapha 600px 14 12 Minister Faizer Mustafa too, is connected to the project by a Saudi investor, according to social media.

Mustafa told SLM that the land in question was one bought by a Saudi prince and rejected reports that a mosque was to be built there.

Does not belong to Sri Pada sacred areaDammadinna 600xp 16 10 29

Meanwhile, chief incumbent of Sri Pada, Ven. Bengamuwe Dhammadinna Nayaka Thera says no tourist hotel was to come up within the 99-acre Sri Pada sacred area.

A private company has obtained permission to build a hotel in a land below, which has does not belong to Sri Pada, said the Thera, adding a group called ‘Mahason Kalliya’ was spreading falsehoods.

Sri Pada is revered by all religions in Sri Lanka and these faiths refer to it by different names.





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