Tuesday, 06 December 2022
Pee problem eroding world's tallest church

Pee problem eroding world's tallest church

The German city of Ulm is desperate to stop men from relieving themselves on its famous church because persistent peeing is damaging the historic structure.

Those responsible for conserving Ulm Minster, which has the world's tallest church tower, say its stone base is being eroded by the salts and acids in the urine, Suedwest Presse reports.

The city doubled fines for those caught to 100 euros ($110; £90) earlier this year, but it has made little difference.

While Ulm Minster is widely regarded as the world's tallest church at the moment, it will be surpassed in height once Barcelona's Sagrada Familia is finally completed in 2026. Gaudi's masterpiece is due to rise to 172.5m (566ft) once finished.

(Source : BBC News)

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