Saturday, 04 February 2023
Fmr. National footballer cuts grass for a living!

Fmr. National footballer cuts grass for a living!

A football player who has been a part of the national football team for 16 years (1998-2014) is now a victim of power and neglect.

Living with his wife and three children in a cramped, rented space in Bogahawatta, Galle, Ediribandanage Channa cuts grass and digs graves at the Dadalla public cemetery in Galle for a living. This job too, is valid for only a year, he says.

Channa, who had participated in 127 international games, has scored 53 goals, becoming the Sri Lankan player with the second best number of goals to his name.

He has also captained the Sri Lankan team for two years.

Expressing their pity over the fate of such talented players, sports critics exclaim how this situation is reversed for Football Federation officials, who initially arrive at the Federation by public transport and then travel in luxury Benz cars.


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