Sunday, 26 May 2024
‘Govt. groups engage in criminal activities in north – Vikramabahu (audio)

‘Govt. groups engage in criminal activities in north – Vikramabahu (audio) Featured

An uprising of the northern people is unavoidable against the government that is going against its promises to grant political rights to the Tamils, says Dr. Vikramabahu Karuaratne.

The NSSP leader, who also played a role in the formation of the present administration, has made the warning in an interview with radiogagana.

According him, it is the government that is leading a Sinhala repression in Tamil areas and engaging in criminal activities in the north.

Speaking to the media in Colombo, he said a people’s uprising should be expected if the government went against its promises to grant democracy, justice and self-governing powers.

After promising to demilitarize the north, it is dangerous to deploy an armed police on road duties, he said, noting the result was the deaths of Jaffna university students Vijayaraja Sulakshan and Nadarasa Gajan in a police shooting.

A Sinhala group armed with guns, pistols and AK-47s and on night patrol shot the undergraduates, according to him.

The government and the police should take responsibility for causing the Tamil society to have nationalistic feelings, and accused them of behaving like a ‘pack of fools.’

This situation could be resolved only through the proper decentralization of powers and the establishment of a Tamil-majority police for Tamil areas through a future constitution, he added.

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