Tuesday, 29 November 2022
COPE recommends legal action against Arjun Mahendran

COPE recommends legal action against Arjun Mahendran

COPE finds former Central Bank governor Arjun Mahendran directly responsible for the CB bond issue and recommends legal action against him.

Presenting the COPE report into the CB bond issue to parliament today (28), its chairman Sunil Handunnetti said the report contained 15 conclusions.

Noting the CB has violated confidence, he said steps too, should be taken to recover the losses incurred due to the CB bond issue.

Handunnetti also said that committee members were divided over the report.

Yesterday, UPFA’s Ranjith Soyza informed MPs that ex-governor Mahendran had left the country.

This was raised by Weerakumara Dissanayake today, and prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe responded, saying Mahendrean had gone abroad to attend a wedding.

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