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The tearful tale of the green gatekeepers at Gal Oya (Pics)

The tearful tale of the green gatekeepers at Gal Oya (Pics) Featured

Residents have been protesting the nailing of wooden planks along the trunks of two massive 'Palu' trees at the entrance of the Gal Oya National Park.

Warning that these nailed wooden steps could lead to the destruction of these green giants, residents question on what basis wildlife officials allowed this.

The landmark is popular among visitors seeking a place of shade and rest

Timber Corporation ordered to cutdown trees

When inquiring of this from the Habarana wildlife office, a senior official said that the State Timber Corporation has been informed to cutdown these two beautiful trees citing that they will have to cutdown sometime or the other.

He has added that they are going to give the main gate a facelift and put an individual to take care of it.

In addition, the telephone of the Habarana wildlife office is always responded to with a recorded message informing that the line is out of order.

Pics : W.A. Piyatillake (Polonnaruwa correspondent)

Galoya1 600px 16 10 28

The entrance of the Gal Oya national park

Galoya2 600px 16 10 28

The ladders on the Palu trees

Galoya3 600px 16 10 28

The two green giants

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