Friday, 22 September 2023
Hutch launches ‘Dial Tunes’

Hutch launches ‘Dial Tunes’

Hutch, a leading mobile broadband services provider in Sri Lanka launched another industry first, Hutch “Dial Tunes”.

‘Dial Tunes’ enables Hutch subscribers to activate their preferred songs when they dial a number, instead of listening to the standard ringing tone until their call is answered. Hutch is the first operator in Sri Lanka to offer this special service

Dial Tunes can be accessed conveniently through multiple channels such as the 369 IVR and *369# USSD. The cost of the service is at only Rs.3 + tax per day.

Thirukumar Nadarasa CEO of Hutch said, “As we transform into a leading mobile broadband player, Hutch has been constantly innovating to utilize emerging technologies and bring the latest services to its subscribers. Hutch is pleased to be a pioneer in changing the ringing tone landscape in the country which has not been touched for the past 100 years of telephony.

He further added, “This is part of Hutch’s ongoing efforts to offer the most comprehensive and value for money products and services to the Sri Lankan mobile consumer that has resulted in Hutch today becoming one of the fastest growing networks”

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