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Minister demands Rs. 40 million bribe from investor

Minister demands Rs. 40 million bribe from investor Featured

A powerful minister has reportedly demanded a Rs. 40 million bribe from a local entrepreneur who has made plans to start a motor vehicle assembly plant by the name Sayuri Motors Corporation.

As per the cabinet powers are shared, permission for such a factory should come from the finance, transport and industries ministries.

Or else, the factory will not get legal validity to produce vehicles and market them.

According to reliable sources, the investor is Saman Priyankara, aka Japan Saman, a businessman in the motor vehicle industry.

The minister in question, citing that Saman is a friend of the former regime, had demanded Rs. 30 million for himself, and an additional Rs. 10 million for the other two ministries, as commission.

The investor has turned down the minister’s demand and sought approval from the Board of Investment.

Since he has the qualifications, he should get the approval.

However, the minister in question is plotting to deny him that opportunity.

Since the economy is a in a bad way, investments of this nature should be most welcome.

Saman’s initial investment in the project is said to be 7.8 million US dollars and is slated to generate 200 job opportunities too.

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