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Austin Management Co. In Charlie's Shoes

Austin Management Co. In Charlie's Shoes

"Irrespective of whether the players sign or not this has no financial barring or reflection on us at all." Says Shyam Impett, the Sponsorship and Communication Manager of Austin Management Ltd. responding via e-mail to our news report of 20 October, 2016 and captioned "Cricketers dance to the Charlie Austin's tune?" 

While this communication also after a phone conversation with SriLankaMirror, does not say why this company sent in a clarification, when the news report in question was only about a British national Charlie Austin and did not mention any company. The e-mail sent says, "…please note that We as an organization or Individual Person have no say in any of the SLC Contract dispute whatsoever." The unwritten explanation is the company and the person is the same. Also the news report did not say an organisation or individual person is intervening in signing of contracts.

While the names of the individual and the company name cannot be coincidental, SriLankaMirror understands the company is that of Charlie Austin. Thus the response from Austin Management Co. confirms the news report that Charlie Austin does get involved in managing Sri Lankan cricketers.

SriLankaMirror therefore sees no reason to "remove" the news report as requested through e-mail sent by Sponsorship and Communication Manager, Shyam Impett.

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