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President wants recommendations for new constitution sent to him soon

President wants recommendations for new constitution sent to him soon Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena has instructed the steering committee discussing the draft constitution to send him the recommendations of the subcommittees promptly.

The prime minister is the head of this steering committee appointed by the constitutional council, comprising all 225 MPs.

There are six subcommittees dealing with human rights, judiciary, public service, state finances, relations between the central government, provincial councils and local government bodies, and law and order.

Their reports are due to be submitted to parliament on November 11.

However, the president wants to know their recommendations before that date.

The PM is expected to table in the House in late November or early December the steering committee’s report into devolution of power, electoral system, presidential powers and the nature of the state.

Lack of public attention

However, the Centre for Policy Alternatives warns a lack of public attention on the new constitution will result in a similar situation to that of Colombians having rejected their government’s peace accord.

The CPA’s warning comes following a revelation, through a survey it has carried out, that only 1.1 per cent of the population is fully aware of a new constitution being drafted.

Iromi Perera, who led the survey, has told BBC Sandeshaya that this was a matter for concern, as a committee tasked with entertaining public suggestions on a new constitution has conducted several sittings throughout the country for several months now.

The government and those involved in the formulation of a new constitution should think at length about this lack of communication with the public, she said.

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