Wednesday, 19 June 2024
Sri Lanka and ITOP member countries agree to protect cultural heritage

Sri Lanka and ITOP member countries agree to protect cultural heritage

The host country Sri Lanka and member countries of the Inter- Islands Tourism Policy (ITOP) Forum agreed to work under a policy frame work that will protect cultural heritage of those island nations when promoting tourism industry.

This agreement was reached at the 20th Inter- Islands Tourism Policy conference held in Galle this week. Discussions were held in-depth at the conference based on the theme conservation of environment and island tourism.

Participants have agreed on the importance of promoting environmental conservation and sustainable island tourism.

As tourism has gained more popularity with investment opportunities and new projects are being implemented as a part of development strategies, ecological degradation and loss of cultural heritage engulfed in island nations.

Therefore member countries have agreed to introduce specific policies within their regions to promote prudent environmental practices while protecting cultural heritage.

Member regions will take measures to enshrine the values in connection with environmental conservation in public and private tourism related establishmen

The Inter- Islands Tourism Policy (ITOP) Forum was formed in South Korea in 1997. Hainan province in China, Phuket Islands of Thailand and Okinawa Islands of Japan were among the 13 member membership zones.

The 21st Inter- Islands Tourism Policy forum will be held in the province of Cebu, Republic of Philippines.

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