Sunday, 26 May 2024
Woman beaten with coconut frond by mosque goes missing!

Woman beaten with coconut frond by mosque goes missing! Featured

The woman, who had been beaten with a coconut frond as punishment for alleged infidelity by the Jumma Mosque at Nallandaluwa in Puttalam, has gone missing.

Police say therefore, they are unable to follow a court order to question the woman, Jesmir Sitti Jerasima.

She had been raped by a man who had stormed her home, and on a complaint by her, Putttalam police had arrested the suspect.

In the meantime, the mosque summoned the woman and ordered that she be punished.

Against this, Jesmir has filed a case in the Puttalam magistrate’s court, with the support of a female lawyer name Nadira Abran.

Later, she had withdrawn the case.

Her lawyer, in a motion, informed courts that the withdrawal was due to intimidation.

The magistrate’s court ordered police to investigate the matter, but police say her whereabouts are unknown.

The trustee of the mosque, who had ordered the punishment, too, has gone missing, police say.

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