Wednesday, 07 December 2022
Catholic Church decides to pinch govt.

Catholic Church decides to pinch govt. Featured

The Catholic Church has become concerned by a decision to grant priesthood to the local pastors of the Christian Evangelical Church, based in the US.

This will also give recognition to the Evangelical Church, alleges the Catholic Church.

A top minister of the present government and a female minister of the previous regime had mediated to give the state’s permission for these steps.

The Catholic Church has expressed its grave concern to the government over this.

The Catholics and Evangelical Christians have been having a historical clash since the latter came into being in the 15th century and made conversions from other faiths on the promise of material gains.

Buddhists and Hindus too, have raised objections to these conversions by the Evangelical Christians.

The Catholic Church has been working to prevent Evangelical Christians from getting recognition locally.

Its leaders have decided that if that recognition was given now, it would have to withdraw support to the government, a move that is having the consent of Archbishop of Colombo Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith.

The Catholic Church is considering supporting public agitations against the Colombo financial city, Ekala garbage issue, pollution by Holcim cement factory in Puttalam and sand mining in Negombo, as those issues mainly affect the Catholics.

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