Tuesday, 06 December 2022
Military Financial Director refuses to budge!

Military Financial Director refuses to budge! Featured

Although a licensed Accountant has been appointed to the post of Financial Director of the Sri Lanka Army, the current Director Finance has so far not vacated the office allocated to the post, compelling the newly appointed director to function from the Defence Ministry premises.

Although the Army Commander had relieved him from his duties as the Director Finance, he has requested for further time for his transfer until October 27, forcing the newly appointed director to go on leave until the current director vacates his office.

However, according to informed sources, although the current Director Finance had been given a promotion recently in a special rank in the accounting service and given a transfer, so far he had not accepted this transfer.

According to the desires of the military heads

It is also reported that this accountant holding the position had also conducted all financial management activities according to the desires of the military heads.

Accordingly, the salary particulars and salaries of the entire Army which is under the purview of the Finance Director, has been handled by 90 military officers.

Further, it was revealed that in spite of disregarding his transfer and conniving with the military hierarchy, this group have also been maintaining a fund where monies from the salaries of military personnel is being channelled, without any legal framework.

It is also reliably learnt that no proper audit report has been done with regard to the Military financial management recently.

Financial complications

When contacted regarding this issue, the Secretary of the Sri Lanka Accountants' Services Association (SLASA) M. D. S. A. Perera said the relevant finance director was not vacating his post for some reason.

Similarly, he said that on a previous occasion too this officer had refused to vacate his position as an internal auditor in spite of another person being appointed to the post, who eventually had to be given an alternative position.

However, Perera further stated that his association had informed the relevant authorities regarding the complications that could arise in the event an officer of the State Administrative Service refuses to accept a transfer or promotion given to him

CoPE Committee decision

According to the CoPE committee report in September, civil Accountants serving in the military having to work under the instructions of the non-accountant military officers serving under a Major General is totally in violation of the state financial regulations.

It is also reported that all officers attached to the financial division of the military have been summoned by the Military Police on several occasions and subjected to questioning.

Accordingly, although a licensed Civil Accountant had been appointed to the position of Military Internal Auditor’s post in lieu with CoPE committee recommendations, upon reporting for duty on October 19, he had discovered that his office room had been occupied by a military officer.

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