Tuesday, 29 November 2022
DEW takes COPE chairman’s warning seriously

DEW takes COPE chairman’s warning seriously Featured

Secretary of the Communist Party DEW Gunasekara has said a serious matter has arisen over a warning by COPE chairman Sunil Handunnetti that he would resign because of political interference.

Gunasekara told the media yesterday (27) that his party was closely monitoring the situation.

He said that not just ministers, but even the president and the prime minister were not allowed to interfere in COPE affairs during the period he was its chairman.

COPE is serving as a court of law and it should be safeguarded as a tradition of parliament, he said.

When it was discussing ministries, the subject ministers were not allowed to join in, said Gunasekara.

On June 23, Handunnetti said COPE was functioning free of political or party inclinations, and asked that its role be not demeaned over the Central Bank bond issue.

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