Sunday, 02 April 2023
The hidden truth behind the Carlton Sport Network’s (CSN) money laundering

The hidden truth behind the Carlton Sport Network’s (CSN) money laundering

Is this the result of practicing politics of hate or of politics of revenge?

The answer that is required to be sought in this regard in the first place is whether the CSN channel was started in order to fulfill the role of a media organization or for the purposes of money laundering.

The shortest answer that can be given in this regard is something that needs to be asked from the heads of the CSN channel, in that for the past year having spent an investment in excess of Rs 200 million to implement the project, where is the profit and loss/income statement pertaining to this endeavour? What are the rewards afforded to those like Ashan Fernando who invested Rs 5 million, Gadiya Karunajeewa who invested Rs 1 million and Kavishan Dissanayake who invested Rs 1 million, whilst being members of the director board.

What is revealed from the CSN company reports is that they were tycoons who received no profit or economic benefit when compared to the investments they made to the CSN company, and therefore that it could be inferred that they made these investments to contribute to a worthy cause and that their expectations were for the benefit and furthering of sports in Sri Lanka.

(the detailed report attached hearwith)

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