Tuesday, 29 November 2022
Raymonda to be screened at Russian Centre

Raymonda to be screened at Russian Centre

DVD screening of Raymonda ,a ballet in 3 acts, by Alexander Glazunov will be held at the Russian Centre in Colombo.

Choreograped by M. Petipa in the version of Y. Grigorovich the ballet stars Elena Bobrova as the Contess Sybille de Doris and the character of Raymonda is acted by
Natalia Bessmertnova.

Andrew,the King of Hungary is played by Andrey Sitnikov while Yuri Vasuchenko and Gediminas Taranda play Jean de Brienne and Abderakhman,a Saracen Knight respectively.

It also stars M. Belova, O. Suvorova, I. Zakharkin, I. Dmitrieva, A. Loparevich, I. Petrova, M. Speranskaja, M. Sharkov, M. Zubkova and I. Liepa.

For further details call the cultural officer on weekdays between 9.30am and 4.00pm on 0112685440/0112685429 .

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