Saturday, 04 February 2023
Incredible tattoos in style of watercolour paintings

Incredible tattoos in style of watercolour paintings

Forget dodgy Chinese symbols and the names of ex-lovers - a tattooist is making inkings cool again with an unusual technique.

Czech artist Ondrej Konupcik - who goes by the name of Ondrash - imitates the freehand style of watercolour paintings with brush strokes and ink splatters to create the awe-inspiring markings.

The 31-year-old, from Znojmo, sees only one client a day due to the care he takes over his work.

Fans travel from as far as America, Columbia and Berlin to get one of Ondrash's tattoos and there is already a two-year waiting list.

After gaining a degree in shoe and garment design, Ondrash turned his attention to conceptual art. He then began using skin as his canvas while working at Znojmo Tattoo in the Czech Republic.

In his studio he has 'no catalogues', preferring customers to write down what kind of design they'd like. He then draws the tattoo directly onto the skin.

Ondrej said: 'They are tailor-made. I see it very personally — often as a legacy of experiences and feelings of my client. Almost every tattoo I've done, I could tell you the story behind it.'

One customer spoke out about his experience of Ondrash's parlour: 'He wasn't satisfied with my response to his "What's the meaning of this tattoo" question because that didn't give him anything to work with.

'He needed the story behind it, by asking me to tell him more about myself, he was able to pick something that inspired him.

'It was so different from my original idea yet, he presented me with something even better. How awesome is it that he was able to create something that I couldn't even imagine from the words that I spoke to him?'

Ondrash sees it as his 'task' to 'illustrate exactly what the client has long desired' for their original tattoo.

His work has been described as 'amazing' by tattoo lovers - and is even admired by those who don't usually like body art.

-Daily mail