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Child prodigies sing MJ's 'Heal the World' (Video)

Child prodigies sing MJ's 'Heal the World' (Video) Featured

The soul is healed by being with children, says Fyodor Dostoevsky, in his novel 'The Idiot'.

Listening to the following song, guess, he couldn't have been more correct.

Maati Baani, a Mumbai-based music duo (Kartik Shah and Nirali Kartik) recently paid a birthday tribute to the King Of Pop - Michael Jackson by uploading a version of his famous track - 'Heal the World' featuring child prodigies across the globe.

The duo brought together 45 child artists, all prodigies in their own right, from Pretoria, South Africa, to California, USA. You have vocalists, rappers, tapdancers, a harpist, violinists, drummers, an electric guitarist and even a boy who plays a washing machine.

The making

For the song, Maati Baani been collaborating with the child artists via the internet, for a good part of 2016.

Kartik says, “We chose the song because, all through this year, there’s been violence, war and unrest either in our country or somewhere else. And it is the kids who suffer the most. It’s also the 25th anniversary of the song, so there’s no better time to release it.”

“We came across clips of young prodigies on social media who would play really complex pieces of music. We wanted to do a song with them,” Nirali says.

Although Maati Baani has ample experience in working with musicians online, Kartik says putting together this cover was more challenging than the rest of their songs. “We had to speak to parents who would, in turn, communicate with the child artist. Also, we spent months finding some of the prodigies. But the wait was worth it.”

'Heal the World'

'Heal the World' a song from Michael Jackson's album Dangerous, was released in 1991 and urged people to make the world a better place and care for children affected by war.

In a 2001 Internet chat with fans, Jackson said "Heal the World" is the song he was most proud to have created. He also created the Heal the World Foundation, a charitable organization which was designed to improve the lives of children. The organization was also meant to teach children how to help others.

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