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Google to be hub for Rio Olympics

Google to be hub for Rio Olympics

Search-giant Google announced today it would help users stay up-to-date with results from the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, that begins Friday this week.

In a blog post, Google said:

‘The modern Olympic Games have been a defining moment for athletes and fans alike, dating back to 1896.’

‘Next week, the 2016 cauldron will be lit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where thousands of athletes will come together to represent the strength and pride of their home countries with the world as their audience.’

‘In celebration of the next chapter in Olympics history, we’re bringing the best our products have to offer to help people around the world stay up-to-date with the Olympic Games Rio 2016:

· Discover the event schedule, medal counts and athlete information

· Get results and view TV schedules in 30 + countries

· Watch broadcasters’ event highlights from over 60 countries

· Explore Rio and venues, with Google Maps

· Keep up-to-date with search trends the world over

Google also said users who searched on the Google app on Android and iOS, would have the option of getting automatic updates on top event and medal wins, ‘so you’ll never miss a beat!’

‘To give you a glimpse into the Games, watch official broadcasters’ video highlights on YouTube in more than 60 countries around the world.’

‘As an added bonus, YouTube is sending 15 top creators to Rio, giving you a taste of what it’s like to be there with mobile live streaming,’ it added.

‘With Street View in Google Maps, everyone can enjoy the magic of Rio de Janeiro. Even if you’re a world away, preview the places where the world's most talented athletes will make history and explore the breathtaking beauty of Brazil.’

‘Great triumphs, victories and stunning surprises await us all this summer. This is just a hint of what’s to come—we hope you’ll let Google be your guide,’ Google said in signing off.

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