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Sathosa Kiran's dirty deeds to be probed!

Sathosa Kiran's dirty deeds to be probed! Featured

It has been revealed that rice stocks at Sathosa had ended up unfit for sales due to the arbitrary actions of its former chairman - Kiran Atapattu.

Atapattu, who had been appointed as Sathosa chairman with the government change in 2015, has decided on a whim to increase prices of rice. As a result, sales have plummeted by over 50% and the leftover stocks have been infested by pests.

After appointing several regional managers as purchase managers and rice warehouse supervising managers, Kiran has purchased stocks for Sathosa from high priced tenders after obtaining commissions in return.

After a group of Sathosa employees have informed of these malpractices to the President, the Presidential secretariat has formally informed the secretary of the Commerce ministry to launch a probe into this and take necessary action.

The President was informed of these malpractices with copies of evidence pointing out the losses running up to massive sums of money.

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