Friday, 02 June 2023
Prima's gain, govt.'s loss!

Prima's gain, govt.'s loss! Featured

The reduction of the wheat flour import levy had denied a Rs. 30,000 million income to the state in the past two years, say finance ministry sources.

After the present government came to power, the levy was first reduced by 15 per cent, followed by another decrease of Rs. 05 following a decline in world market prices.

Later, the levy was raised by Rs. 06, but the present government has made a total reduction of Rs. 14.

Prima company was the major importer, accounting for most of the 1.1 million tons of wheat flour imported in 2015.

The company has gained by the reduction in the levy, and an economist told Sri Lanka Mirror that he suspected an underhand dealing in this.

Farmers too allege, the Rajapaksa regime protected their interests by keeping the wheat flour price high, which the present regime does the opposite.

Also, there had been a reduction in the importation of the commodity in 2013, as only 750,000 tons had been imported in that year.

Meanwhile, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' has received information regarding a massive paddy racket involving government ministers and businessmen, details of which we will reveal in due course.

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