Thursday, 23 March 2023
Holcim to be bought to launder Rajapaksas’ black money?

Holcim to be bought to launder Rajapaksas’ black money? Featured

The Rajapaksas are going to buy Holcim Lanka Ltd. through a henchman of theirs in order to launder their black money, alleges.

The website reports this company had earned annual incomes of around 14 million dollars (Rs. 2,000 million) in the last few years, and a Rs. 58,000 million bid had been submitted to buy it by Nandana Lokuwithana, reportedly a Rajapaksa family money launderer.

The recovery period for the payment is 29 years.

Even though the income could be raised with more investments, the payment could not be completed within less than 20 years.

This itself is enough evidence to show that this is going to be a deal to launder black money.

The said Rs. 58,000 million, if deposited in a bank at eight per cent interest, Rs. 4,640 million can be earned, but Holcim’s earnings are less than half that amount.

The attempt to buy Holcim at such a high price means it is going to be used at a money laundering machine for the Rajapaksas, observers insist, the website adds.

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