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DIMO Agri division launched

DIMO Agri division launched

Diesel and Motor Engineering (DIMO) PLC, one of the leading automobile companies in Sri Lanka, is aiming to expand its presence in the agriculture sector, while creating a new identity as “DIMO Agri” in the industry.

DIMO Agri Machinery Division brings world’s best engineered agri-based brands such as Mahindra Tractors, CLAAS Harvesters and has supported the mechanisation of the local agriculture sector for more than two decades. Technical advancements that take place in the global arena coupled with preference of people towards healthy, organically-grown foods have created ample opportunities in the local agriculture sector, paving the way for DIMO to explore them. The new identity “DIMO Agri” will facilitate this endeavour while differentiating its operations in the highly-competitive business environment it operates in.

Chairman & Managing Director of DIMO Ranjith Pandithage stated, “DIMO Agri Division has performed very well in 2015/16. It is important that an ambitious company like DIMO expands its presence in different areas of the local agriculture sector. The introduction of DIMO Agri logo is one of the initiatives of this expansion process which will enable the industry to experience next generation agriculture-based products and services.”

Assistant General Manager of DIMO Agri Machinery Division Gihan Fernando stated, “The newly-launched logo will redefine our operations in the market and will help us to differentiate our business while adding value. At the moment, we are planning to expand our operations into different sectors in the agriculture industry while going beyond agri machinery field. As in our newly-launched logo, all our current and future business activities will be aligned to next generation agriculture. This will enable us to introduce futuristic products and solutions for the local agriculture sector.”

During the DIMO Agri logo launch, the company introduced several new products to the market symbolising its vision of next generation agriculture. CLAAS, a leading manufacturer of agriculture machinery globally with over 100 years’ legacy, launched its flagship machine CROP TIGER 40 TERRA TRAC in association with DIMO Agri Machinery, it’s business partner in Sri Lanka. As the Sri Lankan agrarian community focuses on mechanization, there is a surge in demand for machinery such as harvesters and other farm equipment in the local market. Identifying this opportunity, CLAAS and DIMO launched the latest CLAAS CROP TIGER 40 TERRA TRAC Combine Harvester.

The new harvester CLAAS Crop Tiger 40 (CT 40) enables farmers to increase the grain quality and consists of rubber tracks for wet paddy fields. It is also equipped with air compressor which makes maintenance much easier. The new CT 40 harvester will increase productivity and have power for more Acreage. All CLAAS harvesters are manufactured according to German technology and backed by DIMO’s excellent after sales service.

Strengthening its product portfolio DIMO Agri also launched its Garuda farm equipment range targeting small-scale vegetable growers. “We are introducing several Garuda products such as the Baby Weeder, Micro Weeder, Mini Weeder and Master Weeder,” Fernando said. “This farm equipment come with Indian technology and is the ideal solution to combat labour shortage as well as the high labour cost of small-scale vegetable growers. Garuda farm equipment is easy to use and increases the productivity of vegetable growers while reducing their cost. Also, DIMO’s superior after sales service will guarantee smooth function of this equipment,” he added.

The latest additions to the DIMO Agri Mahindra range are the new Arjun Novo and Mahindra Yuvo tractors. A new breakthrough dawns upon the agricultural sector in Sri Lanka, where for the first time innovation compliments economics, resulting in the technologically mature design - Mahindra NOVO 60 HP above & Mahindra Yuvo 30-50 HP. Launched by Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd India, in partnership with their channel partner DIMO PLC, this model is the foremost model, to trounce the all new high horse power (HP) platform that will shape a new age standard of qualitative performance, comfort, style and precision in functionality.

The Mahindra NOVO & YUVO is estimated to pioneer the current tractor market, with its Superior Fuel Efficiency, Hi-tech, advanced Synchromesh Transmission , 18 speed options (includes 15 F, which is the highest number of forward gears offered in Bangladesh and 3R gears), Precision Hydraulic with highest pump flow for quick lowering and finally its unmatched performance in class the highest torque and a backup torque of 33% that will deliver uniform and consistent power with minimum RPM drop in all application and soil conditions. It doesn't end there, as its Full flat platform, comfortable seating, suspended pedals and ergonomic controls allows the driver to have fatigue-free long hours of operations in the field.

DIMO Agriculture Division manages the entire range of Mahindra Tractors and implements in Sri Lanka. Moreover, DIMO Agri is the only distributor for CLAAS Harvesters from India. DIMO Agri plans to introduce more world-class agri-related technologies and solutions to Sri Lanka to further expand its portfolio.

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