Tuesday, 06 December 2022
‘Peach Valley’ restaurateur behind Inland Revenue transfer

‘Peach Valley’ restaurateur behind Inland Revenue transfer Featured

The head of Peach Valley Chinese restaurant at Flower Road, Colombo had influenced the transfer of the investigation unit head of the Department of Inland Revenue, reports say.

On a complaint that this restaurant, being run with political connections, had defrauded millions of rupees of tax money to the state, officials of the department raided the place.

The restaurateur had pressurized the investigation unit head to reduce the fine and the close the investigation file.

The official has rejected the demand, and he was transferred in an authoritarian and unjustifiable manner.

His replacement has even been given a Korea tour.

The authoritarian and fraudulent conduct of the incumbent commissioner general of inland revenue has been brought to the notice of the president and other government authorities, but to no avail.

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