Thursday, 23 March 2023
BoC ATMs dispense Rs 30 b during Avurudu season

BoC ATMs dispense Rs 30 b during Avurudu season

The Bank of Ceylon has set a benchmark of dispensing a record breaking Rs.30.72 Billion from its ATMs during Avurudu season.

The Bank has made every possible arrangement to provide the utmost convenient and easy access to cash for its customers during this festive season. The Bank has installed over 50 Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) covering the entire country enabling BOC customers to deposit money into their accounts on real time 24 hours a day and accepted highest ever Rs.4.8 billion worth of cash during the same period through CDMs.

The BOC ATMs dispensed Rs.4.48 billion on April 8 2016, which was also the highest ever amount dispensed by a bank through any ATM network on this day in the country. From April 7-12 BOC ATMs have dispensed over Rs.2 billion each day.

“BOC ensures that it leads in all directions in the Sri Lankan banking sector. Previous year too we have dispensed the highest amount of cash through our ATM Network. Our account base alone runs over 11 million and we have touched the lives of much more Sri Lankans in many different ways.