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Historic church reinvigorated with rainbow floor

Historic church reinvigorated with rainbow floor Featured

Artist Liz West has recently revealed an ambitious piece that explores the visual impact of light and reflections within an ancient place of worship.

The piece casts a brilliant rainbow spectrum throughout the architecture of the historic St. John’s Church in North Lincolnshire, UK.

Composed of over 700 mirrors in 15 acrylic shades, Our Color Reflection causes light rays and vivid hues to radiate throughout the 125-year-old building.

"It is playful, elegant, engaging, and probably my most thoughtful and quiet work," West says of her installation.

A tasteful modern spin on the stained-glass motif, West’s orbs flood the building with a rich, meditative atmosphere.

Set at different heights and sizes, the mirrors reflect the roof space and rafters to reveal bits of the historic neo-gothic architecture to a crowd of eager visitors.

West researched the history and background of the building prior to implementing her art, and she explains: "This has allowed me to make sure the work is grounded within its site but also holds its own voice within the grandeur and information that the space brings to the conversation."

Placing emphasis on the changes brought about by shifting natural light, the dynamic piece transforms depending on the time of day, casting the church into a vibrant array of varied tones. Visitors can further immerse themselves in the artwork as they catch glimpses of their reflection in the hundreds of mirrors scattered throughout the building. Our Color Reflection was completed for the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre after having renovated the church into an exhibition space, and is on display now through June 25, 2016.

-My Modern Met

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