Sunday, 25 March 2018
Jaffna’s Ava Group was formed by military officer!

Jaffna’s Ava Group was formed by military officer! Featured

Ava Group, the criminal gang of motorcyclists that is terrorizing Jaffna, is a group secretly formed during the previous regime by a top military officer in the north at the time, a senior police official told Sri Lanka Mirror.

This gang has been created after the war in a well-organized manner, police have found out in the course of investigations into the death of two university students in a police shooting.

However, the police have been instructed by the political authority not to reveal anything about this finding to the media.

When contacted, a former top Army official told SLM that several more gangs were operating in the north after the war.

Sword and kris-knife wielding gangs of youths in motorcycles are carrying out attacks in the style of South Indian films, he said.

One such group cut off a hand of a policeman in 2013, he noted, adding that even before the war such gangs were there in Jaffna, but not during the period the LTTE existed.

Police mistook them for gangsters

Meanwhile, minister Sagala Ratnayake told parliament yesterday (25) that the police had mistaken the two undergraduates for motorcycle gangsters and shot at them.

Also, two policemen had been attacked with swords without knowing they were intelligence men, as they tried to prevent a robbery at a shop, he added.

However, north chief minister C.V. Vigneswaran has said he was surprised that such gangs operated in the north where there is a presence of more than 150,000 armed forces and police officers.

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