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Why does Sunil Perera wear Pirith Nool?

Why does Sunil Perera wear Pirith Nool? Featured

Gypsies leader Sunil Perera says he is not a catholic, but a multi-religious person.

He has told the media that he values all religions and does not follow one particular religion.

Perera said he was wearing badges of all religions along with the cross in his neck.

Love was more sacred than religion, he said.

The singer said he was still wearing a Pirith Nool, which was tied in his right hand by a Buddhist monk in Thailand three years ago.

None of my family goes to temple or church. My daughter in law is a Muslim. My family is multi-religious. But, we do not still have a Hindu, he said.

He said his biggest repentance was that he had deceived and lied to his wife, born a Buddhist, and that he was punished for that.

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