Tuesday, 16 January 2018
Administrative issues delay the Sri Lanka police salary hike

Administrative issues delay the Sri Lanka police salary hike Featured

Sri Lanka’s police force will have to wait some time to get the approval of a new salary revision, retirement plan and several other benefits, law and order Ministry official said.  

“The Sri Lankan government plans to increase the salary of police officers by 40 percent, “he said adding that a sum of Rs.3 billion has been allocated to from the budget to increase the salary of police officers.

But certain administrative issues have cropped up in the implementation of 17 percent salary allowance with retrospective effect of 01-01-2016.  

He disclosed that plans are also underway to put in place a new retirement scheme for the officers who have served over 20 years in the force.

 The police force has manpower of approximately 85,000. It is responsible for enforcing criminal and traffic law, enhancing public safety, maintaining order and keeping the peace throughout Sri Lanka.

The salaries and cadre commission has been comparing the police service and the other public services on the basis that they had been listed as regulatory services under the public service.

However under the constitution police service is not categorized as a law and order service .The Law and order ministry has been directed to submit a cabinet paper on making police service a spate service coming under the police convention and they can deal with salary matters directly with the Treasury.

The salaries and cadre commission has recommended an increase of 17 percent allowance with effect from 01-01- 2016.

A directive has been issued  to Law and Order Ministry, Treasury and Salaries Commission to conduct further discussions and sort out the matter. 


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